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Daniel BARKLEY dessins | drawings

Discover this aspect of Daniel Barkley’s work, work that has rarely been shared. For many years Barkley has been diligently filling sketchbooks with drawings in pencil, pen and ink. He sees the sketchbooks as an extended diary of ideas, of observations, for creating preparatory sketches for paintings to come. These drawings, kept intact in their respective sketchbooks, are evidence of Daniel’s rigorous process and remarkable talent. This book is a selection from 25 years of sketchbooks, accompanied by a text by Jean-Émile Verdier. This is a limited edition of 100 copies, numbered and signed by the artist, and it comes with one of four original etchings made for this occasion.
Recently, Barkley has returned to an old love, etching. Barkley’s draftsmanship is well suited to the rigorous technical demands of this age-old medium. With the purchase of this book you have a rare opportunity to collect one numbered and signed etching. At the moment you may still choose from one of four etchings that were created specifically for this limited edition.
This book is divided into three sections; the first part spends time with Robert, Daniel’s longest serving model. Rob posed for his first Barkley painting at age 11, and now at 39 is still patiently obliging for art’s sake. Part 2 focuses on the many models, mostly friends, who have posed repeatedly throughout the years. The third part concentrates on drawings that are directly related to particular paintings, where one can easily track the evolution of a major work that will likely be familiar to you.
“As you explore this previously unseen side of Daniel Barkley’s work. I hope you will be as moved and inspired as I was.” Dr. Bruno Petit, collector.

Title: Daniel Barkley: Dessins/Drawings
Editor: Gallery Dominique Bouffard
Text: Jean-Emile Verdier
Limited to 100 copies, numbered & signed
208 pages, 240 colour images.
Size of book: 31 x 24 cm / 12” x 9-3/8”, 5 pounds / 2.25 kilos
1 etching (1/25), numbered & signed, 24 x 19 cm / 9-5/8” x 7-1/2”
ISBN 9778-2-9810457-3-7

Price: 550$ CAD + taxes (where aplicable), shipping and handling.
To purchase a book: info@danielbarkley.com

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